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Hey everyone! 

We are so pleased to announce our official charity as the National Wildlife Federation (NWF)!

We’ve teamed up with the National Wildlife federation to bring you a panel outlining the characteristics of real wolves verses their supernatural counterpart, werewolves. Our special guest and NWF representative, David Mizejewski, will be there to provide his expertise on the habits and lifestyles of wolves and to top it all off, his panel will also include the presence of a live wolf!

We’re taking donations through the link above (or through the widget on the side of our tumblr page) on behalf of NWF for their time and efforts to help wildlife. They’ll also be accepting donations at the convention, as well. Any little bit helps them continue the amazing work they do.

You can find out more about NWF on their websiteTwitter, and Facebook!

Find David Mizejewski on his website and Twitter!

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